How old do I have to be to get a piercing at Black Diamond?

We provide professional body piercing for individuals age 18 and up. I.D.s are always required. All forms of I.D. must be valid and include a name, birth date, and a recognizable photo. We cannot accept any copies of I.D.s or any form of I.D. that is expired.

Acceptable forms if I.D.s include:
-Driver’s License
-DMV non driver I.D.
-DMW photo permit

We also provide piercings for minors age 16 & 17. A parent or legal guardian must be present with the minor and a valid photo I.D. is required from both the minor and the parents or legal guardian. If you are a legal guardian, we will need official paperwork stating such. If the parent has a different last name than the minor we will require some connecting paperwork for that as well. Step parents, older siblings, older friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, paid actors, etc cannot sign for a minor. Acceptable forms of I.D.s for minors include:
-DMV photo permit
-School photo I.D. paired with the original copy of their birth certificate

PLEASE NOTE: We will not pierce nipples or genitals on anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent. Also, due to their lengthy heal, Cartilage/Helix piercings are considered body piercings so we cannot perform those piercings on anyone under the age of 16.

Do you provide ear lobe piercings for children?

Yes we do! Ear lobe piercings are available for minors as young as 7 years of age (but we evaluate each child on a case by case basis).  We require a valid form of I.D. from the parent or legal guardian and the birth certificate of the child*. (*Please remember that by law,  being a step-parent, grandparent, or other relative does not automatically make you a legal guardian.)

We never want to feel like we are forcing anyone to get pierced, and your child should be excited for their very first piercing! We want them to have a positive experience, followed by sparkles and lollipops!! Our piercers pride themselves in providing a stress free environment for all of our clients, so if your child is reluctant or extremely uncooperative during the piercing, then we may ask you to come back another day. We also understand that this is a special occasion, but please refrain from bringing other children with you or too many family members. Our piercing rooms cannot accommodate large groups, children under 16 cannot accompany anyone into the piercing room, and children under 13 years old cannot be left unattended in the waiting room. 


Why do other shops have different age limits?

Black Diamond has very high standards and carries only the best insurance. We are unsure of the policies or operations of other body piercing establishments, and our age restriction is set by our insurance provider. All of the age restrictions are stated above.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are only needed for genital piercings and surface piercings. For appointments, please call the shop during business hours and one of the receptionists will be happy to assist you. Otherwise, all piercings are done on a walk-in basis.

When can I walk in?

Our business hours are Monday-Friday 12pm to 8pm and Saturday 11am to 7pm.

We kindly request that if you plan to walk in for a piercing to come in as early as possible; we stop taking services no later than 60 minutes before we close. This way we will have time to sign you in, show you all of our jewelry options, set up for you, properly sterilize your jewelry, and thoroughly go over aftercare without any time constraints. We want you to have our full focus as well as have enough time to answer any questions that you may have.

We typically do have a wait, especially on Saturdays, so please be prepared and patient and we will get to you as soon as possible. We highly recommend that if you are thinking of coming in but are on a time constraint, please try to stop another day instead when you have more time available to you. We will always try be as accommodating as possible but please understand, if you come in very late in the day and there is already a long wait, we will need to sometimes say no and ask you to come back another day.

Is there a limit to the amount of piercings I can get in one sitting?

We leave it up to the discretion of the piercer to determine the best course of action to ensure happy healing. Sometimes this might mean only getting two or three piercings instead of the five you want at the time, but we want to have a successful heal.

Can I use a numbing agent before coming in to get pierced?

Please do not use any sort of numbing agent prior to getting pierced. These products are intended for topical use only and can be toxic when introduced to the bloodstream. Injectable numbing agents can restrict blood flow which can distort your tissue and possibly result in an inaccurately placed piercing. If you do apply one of these products, we unfortunately cannot pierce you. You will be able to get pierced in that area only after a full 24 hours have passed since removal of the product. If we are not informed about the use of such products, we are not responsible for any adverse reactions that may occur.

Do you use a gun for any piercings?

We do not. We use single use, sterile needles for all piercings. Piercing guns, although still common practice in certain places, are extremely bad to pierce with. They use blunt force to push a barely sharp object through tissue. In cartilage piercings, this results in the cracking or fracturing of the cartilage instead of a clean-edged hole like a piercing needle makes. This results in a constantly painful and problematic piercing that never truly heals. The damage is also permanent since cartilage cannot regenerate. Even with a lobe piercing, the same damage can occur. On top of all that, the jewelry used in a gun is not good quality, the aftercare is outdated, the guns are not sterilized in between uses, and the people performing these “piercings” have little-to-no training.

How much do piercings cost?

Please call the shop for piercing fee information and a range of prices for jewelry offered for that piercing, or just stop by the shop anytime to browse all of our options. We charge a piercing fee and the cost of jewelry is separate and depends on the exact jewelry you choose (we have dozens of options for every piercing including solid gold and genuine diamonds!)

Do you do discounts on multiple piercings?

We do! The discounts vary depending on the piercings you are doing. Please call the shop, message our Facebook page, or email us for any pricing questions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept checks.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do! Any time of year, in any amount.

Can I bring in my own jewelry to be pierced with?

We do not pierce with any jewelry from outside of the shop. Jewelry quality has a lot to do with how a piercing heals, and we want to be able to guarantee that you’re getting the very best for your body. We only stock implant grade steel (316 LVM ASTM F-138) and titanium (6AL4V ELI F-136), solid 18K and 14K gold (NEVER plated or filled gold) and pyrex glass for initial piercings, all of which are biocompatible and from reputable American jewelry companies who provide mill certificates to prove the purity of their metals. We never use/sell any body jewelry that is made overseas with low-quality, imitation materials, or of unknown origin.

Can I bring my child/children with me?

While we are thrilled to perform ear lobe piercings for children as young as 7 years old (see above for details), we ask that you do not bring children into the shop otherwise. No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the piercing room at any time (unless they themselves are getting pierced and have their parent in the room with them) and children may not be unattended in the waiting room. When children get impatient and have a very hard time sitting quietly, it does make it very difficult for us to perform our jobs safely. We appreciate your understanding on the matter and this policy is in place for your child’s safety and the safety of our clients.

Where are you located?

We are located at 149 Park Road in the Park Rd business district of West Hartford. We are most easily accessible from exit 43 off of I-84. From either direction, take a right off the exit and we are just after the 3rd light on the right. We are next to a Cumberland Farms gas station and across the street from an Enterprise Rent-a-Car, diagonal from a Plan B Burger.

Where can I park?

Please park on the street anywhere on Park Rd or the surrounding side streets. Our parking lot is for building tenants only, so please do not park there or it is likely our landlord will tow your car.

How should I prepare for my piercing?

We highly recommend making sure that you are fully hydrated and have eaten at least one full meal in the last hour or so. If you are feeling under the weather the day of your piercing, we do suggest waiting until you feel better. Being sober and in a positive mental state is also important!

Do you accept returns on jewelry?

We do not accept returns on any jewelry and all sales are final.

If, however, you have an issue with any body jewelry purchased here, please bring it to our attention. All of our piercing jewelry (not including organics plugs or hanging designs which naturally wear out over time) comes with a lifetime guarantee to be free of defects.  All gemstones are either AA quality genuine stones or the highest quality synthetics (such as Swarovski Zirconia and Signity) and are hand set, never glued, and come with a lifetime guarantee as well. For instance, if a stone ever discolors, cracks or falls out of a setting, we will replace the piece for free. We are not responsible, however, for any lost pieces of jewelry, so please remember to check your jewelry regularly for loose ends.

Thank you!
If any of your questions have not been answered here, please feel free to call the shop (860)-231-9771, message our facebook page, or email us at blackdiamondct@gmail.com.