Shop Policies & faqs

Please read the entire shop policy/faq page before coming in for your appointment. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your appointment deposit if you show up unprepared. 


*We do not accept walk ins for any piercing services, or jewelry sales. Please click the “appointment” Tab for instructions on booking an appointment.


*Appointments are only for one person at a time, so please do not bring anyone extra to your appointment with you (unless you are a minor*, in which case bring only one parent-the parent signing for you). This includes friends, family members, AND children; If they do not have an appointment, then they are not permitted to be in the studio.

*If you are verbally abusive to the staff, you will be immediately asked to leave, and your deposit will not be refunded.

*We will still be requiring masks in the studio whether you are fully vaccinated or not. No exceptions.

*EVERYONE needs a valid government issued photo ID to get pierced, including all minors. NO exceptions.

*All sales of body jewelry are final, and cannot be returned or exchanged after it leaves the studio. If you are having an issue with jewelry purchased here, please contact the shop and we will see what we can do to help.

*We will not pierce anyone who arrives for their appointment who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

*You can cancel your appointment without loss of deposit up to 24 hours beforehand.


How old do you have to be to get pierced at Black Diamond?

We pierce ear lobes as young as 7 years old.

All other body piercings have a minimum age of 16 (including cartilage piercings)

Minors must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

You must be 18 years old to sign for yourself.

All genital and nipple piercings, client MUST be 18 years old and sign for themselves.

Everyone must bring valid, government issued, photo ID if they’re getting a piercing.

What forms of ID can I use?

We can only accept ORIGINAL (no photocopies) state/government issued photo IDs. Acceptable IDs are;

*Valid Passport

*Valid Driver’s license

*Valid DMV non-driver ID card

*Original copy of birth certificate WITH non-state issued photo ID (such as school ID)


*Expired IDs will NOT be accepted.

*A school ID by itself is NOT acceptable ID. It MUST be accompanied by the original birth certificate.

*For minors- BOTH parent and child MUST present ID. Minors under 16 may just bring their ORIGINAL birth certificate along with their parent /legal guardian and their photo ID. If names do not match, or your child is adopted, then you must bring connecting paperwork (marriage/divorce/name change documents). Minors over 16 MUST have photo ID.



*All forms of ID used will need to be photographed for our electronic release form.

Please feel free to call/email and verify that what you have is going to work.

Can I get pierced with my own jewelry?

We do not pierce with jewelry from outside of the shop because we can’t guarantee the quality of it and that is a huge part of a successful heal. We only carry the best quality, implant grade body jewelry available in the industry from companies such as BVLA, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, LeRoi, Maya, Tawapa, and more. All of the jewelry we carries a lifetime guarantee on defects.

How much do your piercings cost?

Jewelry change and piercing service fees are listed below. The full service fee will be the amount of your deposit in order to book an appointment. Prices listed below are for one service, not including jewelry. There will also be one $10 PPE fee added per client, per visit, which will be paid at the time of your appointment.  Jewelry price ranges are listed in the next section.

Jewelry change (1-2) $20

Ear piercings $35-$60

Facial and Body Piercings $45

Genital piercings $70

How much does your jewelry cost?

The cost of jewelry will vary from piercing to piercing depending on the exact jewelry chosen.

Price ranges are per piece NOT per pair. (prices do NOT include service fees, see above).

Jewelry for new piercings:

Lobe, most cartilage, and nostril piercings (done with flat back stud style jewelry):

$35 for simple titanium

$40-$50 for single gem and opal options

$55-$115 for more decorative titanium with simple gem clusters and flowers

$135 and up decorative titanium with larger gem clusters

$80-$120 and up 14K gold options (see jewelry tiers below for more specific price ranges on gold)

Above prices include a titanium post ($15)

(14K gold posts available for an additional fee)

Daith and Septum (done with ring style jewelry):

$20-$50 for simple implant grade steel or niobium ring

$45-$120 titanium circular barbells

$150 and up for more decorative steel or niobium seam rings

$200 and up for titanium hinge rings

 $150 and up for 14K gold seam rings

$250 and up for 14K gold simple hinge rings

$400 and up for 14K gold decorative hinge rings with gemstones


$45 for simple titanium barbell

$85 and up for titanium double gem options

$400 and up for 14K gold options


$45 for simple titanium curved barbell

$70 and up for titanium single gem (one side) curved barbell

$85 and up for titanium double gem options

$300 and up for 14K gold options

Nipple and bridge:

$45 for simple titanium barbell

$85 and up for titanium double gem options

$400 and up for 14K gold options


General Body Jewelry prices:

Threadless/threaded ends:

(to fit onto threadless or internally threaded studs; for nostrils, lip, and most ear piercings)

(Prices listed are PER end and do not include any posts)

Simple titanium $20

Titanium with single gem/opal $25-$35

Titanium gem clusters/flowers $40-$150

Simple 14K gold $60 -$100

Beaded 14K gold $100-$200

14K w/ single CZ stone $60-$150

14K with genuine stones $150-$350

14K gem clusters $275-$600

(ADD TITANIUM POST $15-$30 or 14k POST $75-$150)


Simple titanium $20-$50

Decorative titanium/niobium $130-$250

Simple 14K $60-$150

Decorative 14K w/ CZ stones $110-$450

Decorative 14K with genuine stones $250-$1500 (+)

14K charms and chain attachments $50-$500

All jewelry will be chosen and paid for at the time of your appointment. The exact price of your jewelry depends on the exact piece of jewelry chosen.


What if I just need to grab something quickly and don’t need to be shown jewelry or sized for any jewelry?

For situations like this, we are offering curbside pickup during business hours. Please see “curbside pickup” in the “appointments” section.

How long do I have to wait to go swimming?

Healing piercings should not be submerged in any kind of outside water (pools, lake, hot tubs, oceans) until you are through the full healing time (see your aftercare email for healing time of your piercing).

What if I need to remove my jewelry while it’s healing?

Healing piercings, or piercings within the first year of the maximum healing time, rarely stay open without jewelry in them. We do sell retainers, which are glass plugs to hold the hole open in cases you need to not have metal in, but they are not recommended for sports. Please consider these factors before booking an appointment.

Can I get pierced if I’m currently pregnant or nursing?

Unfortunately, no, you must wait until after giving birth and after you’ve stopped nursing to get a piercing done safely.

Do you accept walk ins?

No, we do not accept walk ins for any piercings OR jewelry sales.

Do I need an ID to get pierced?

YES. (please see above for acceptable IDs)

What if my parent is signing for me? Do I still need an ID?

YES. (please see above for acceptable IDs)

Is body jewelry returnable?

All sales of body jewelry are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. If you are having an issue with a piece of jewelry purchased here, please contact Georgina through the contact page on this website.

What if I need to cancel an appointment I booked?

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call the shop and leave a message or email the appointment desk directly. For cancellation, go to your confirmation email and hit “cancel” OR contact the appointment desk directly. You can cancel an appointment without losing your deposit if you give us at least 24 hours notice. Deposits are forfeit for no-call, no-shows.

Thanks you all for your patience and understanding during these stressful times. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please check this page for updates and policy changes. UPDATED 10/4/21