Black Diamond provides professional body piercing in a clean and sterile environment that exceeds APP standards using only the best available quality body jewelry. We use only implant grade titanium, implant grade steel, and solid 14K-18K gold from only the top jewelry companies.

Piercing service and jewelry change fees are listed below. The booking fee in order to book an appointment will be the full service fee plus tax. There will be one $10 PPE fee added per client, per visit, which will be paid at the time of your appointment.  Jewelry price ranges are listed in the next section. Jewelry will be chosen and paid for at the time of your appointment.

Prices listed below are for ONE service, and DO NOT include jewelry

Jewelry change $20

Lobe piercing $35

Kids’ (age 7-12) lobe piercing $45

Cartilage piercing $40-$60

Facial and Body Piercing $45

Oral Piercing $45

Genital piercing $70

Surface Anchor $50

Surface-to-surface $75

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